Physical Education Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Physical Education Principles – what are yours?

Tandalay = Principle–Centered Physical Education

What do YOU believe? What do your ACTIONS and CHOICES say?

Tandalay Principle 1: Physical Education should be an exciting, rewarding, positive movement experience for ALL children.

Opposite = Physical Education is a place for athletes to excel, and for the aggressive and assertive to thrive and release their energy; a place for the meek and less-skilled to stand by and observe or learn to accept criticism, defeat and humiliation.

Tandalay Principle 2: Active play is an essential component of learning and development. It is through play that children become more fit, develop skills, learn to be and play fair, become creative thinkers, learn to be good teammates, and thrive as more responsible, motivated, self-driven citizens.

Opposite = Competition and skill development are king. Athletic performance achieved through drill, practice, and specific sport training is of utmost importance for all students. Kids who are not athletically gifted will not be able to help their schools achieve victory in sports and should therefore be disregarded.

Tandalay Principle 3: All students should be actively engaged in EVERY activity in an emotionally and physically SAFE (non-threatening) environment.

Opposite = Players are eliminated, intimidated, and harassed during competitive games. “Last man standing” is the reward for the gifted, assertive athlete, while “first one out” is the fate of the less-skilled, already defeated non-athletic student (who needs the opportunity to move the most!).

Tandalay Principle 4: If all players are moving and having fun, ALL physical education standards are being met. Through constant movement and purposeful play, students will become better, more skilled movers – with increased fitness levels in every area. Through non-intimidating, success-enhancing, confidence-building activities that are FUN, rewarding, and enjoyable, students will value and pursue a lifetime of fitness, health, and wellbeing.

Opposite = Standards-based physical education is skill and drill oriented. Players are successful only if they score well on movement assessments, perform well during skill and drill activities, or if they WIN. Fitness and skill development are achieved through drills, calisthenics, and a regime of running, repetition, and waiting in line for a turn. Success is earned through skill. Athletes are rewarded, while the non-athletic and less fit students suffer in quiet despair, misery, and defeat – vowing repeatedly that given the choice, they will NEVER run again, that exercise is MISERABLE, and that fitness is NOT FUN – creating a lifetime pursuit of activity avoidance, poor health, and seeking solace in comfort foods.

Tandalay Principle 5: All physical education standards are of EQUAL importance. Personal responsibility, cognitive awareness, and the value of social interaction are just as important to a successful physical experience as movement skills. Physical education is about respect for self and others, self-expression, trying new things, getting up when you fall down, being a motivator, and knowing you are a winner because you played fairly and did your best!

Opposite = Physical education is about movement skills. Since you don’t evaluate kindness, acceptance, or personal responsibility in math or science, it has no place in physical education either. Valuing physical activity or the enjoyment of social interaction have no place in physical education and should not be a consideration when planning, teaching, or assessing the physical education experience.

Tandalay Principle 6: As physical educators we have a responsibility to the nation and to each and every child to do everything possible to prevent and reduce childhood obesity. It is our highest order to lead through example, provide abundant and SAFE (emotionally and physically) movement experiences, and to educate today’s youth on nutrition, fitness principles, and why and how to be successful movers and shakers! Fit people move bigger mountains!

Opposite = Individual students don’t matter. The whole child is not important. Correct form on an overhand throw is more important than tackling obesity. Academic standards are more important than “play time.” Obesity is genetic and environmental. Let the cafeteria staff deal with it. Physical education is simply the place to discover athletic talent, teach a movement standard, throw a ball out, dodge a few and call it a day.

If you were one of the best athletes in school, you may not have ever been challenged to contemplate physical education from the perspective of the less-skilled players. If you were one of the less-skilled players, you know how it feels to be the first one out, the last one chosen, or to be laughed at and ridiculed. With Tandalay, not only will you meet the standards, but you will INSPIRE every student. Now is the time to adopt TANDALAY as your primary source for FUN and REWARDING Physical Education. YOU can be the instrument of exciting change as you harness the Power of Positive Play. It’s YOUR move!

TANDALAY will instill ENTHUSIASM in staff and students alike! You and your students will THRIVE and feel EMPOWERED by Tandalay’s non-threatening “EVERY body is a WINNER” approach. Worry-Free PE is at your fingertips! Tandalay will provide you with the resources and equipment you need, plus THOUSANDS of activities that promote success for ALL students.

TANDALAY is your perfect choice for making the most of your dedication to EXCELLENCE in physical education, BELIEVING in the importance of the whole child, for utilizing your passion for PLAY and a SUCCESSFUL movement experience for EVERY body, and for instilling in EACH youth the DESIRE to pursue health and fitness for a LIFETIME.

Every activity in our curriculum has been carefully selected with the above principles in our minds and hearts. Welcome to Tandalay – let’s get out and experience the Power of Purposeful PLAY!

Have you PLAYED today?