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What are Wocky Sox?

The wacky new way to experience PE!! Going “old school” has never been more colorful! We are launching a fun new activity program called Wocky-Sox. It’s based on exciting games that feature the use of SOCKS to play games – but not just any old socks – WOCKY SOX!! At Tandalay one of the most important things we focus on is making physical education and healthy activities readily available and accessible to everyone.  We offer great recreation equipment to coincide with our curriculum, activities and games, but we’re still thinking about how we can offer an alternative to purchasing equipment – and bam like a “sock” to the face it hit us – Wocky Sox!!

Wocky Sox is an eBook of games that can be played with a pair of socks (bet you didn’t see that coming)!  Simply take a couple of old socks, tuck them into each other to form a ball and you’re ready to PLAY!  To make true “Wocky-Sox” tie-die them in fun colors! Here is a sample game to get you started, but for all 25 games check out .  It’s a PDF download, so as soon as you purchase it we will send you an email with the Wocky Sox download!

Sample Games:

1. Wocky Tag

  • 20% of players are designated to be “It” players. They have no Wocky-flag.
  • All other players tuck a corner of a Wocky-flag in their pocket or waistband. It must be in the back, barely tucked, and easy to grab. Players are not allowed to block a flag-grab.
  • On “go” all players without a Wocky attempt to grab one off another player. If successful, he/she keeps the flag and runs away! (Players might want to let each other know when they get someone’s flag.)
  • Players who lose their flags simply attempt to grab one from someone else! No grab-backs!
  • The goal is to be in possession of a flag when time is called. Play a number of shorter rounds to allow for different people to end with a Wocky-flag!

2. Wockys Away

  • Divide the playing area, and the group, in half – or play on the two sides of a dividing line.
  • Scatter the Wocky Sox (one per player or more) randomly around, but with the same amount, on both sides OR place them ALL on the center line.
  • On the phrase “Wockies Away!” each team tries to rid their side of the field of Wocky Sox by throwing them to the other team’s field.
  • Players may pick up and throw only one Wocky at a time.
  • When Leader calls time, all players FREEZE instantly.
  • The team with the least number of Wocky Sox on their side of the line, wins.
  • Sox released AFTER the stop signal = 5 point penalty.

Repeat game as desired.

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