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Pledge to PLAY!

PLAY is a fundamental key to the success of healthy people — if it’s not FUN it’s not going to last. Tandalay encourages PLAY at all levels and we challenge YOU to take the PLEDGE FOR PLAY!

Take the PLEDGE and be proud to PLAY each and every day.  After you take the pledge you can download one of the various patches to put on your site, facebook, myspace, twitter or where ever you like — even print it out and stick it on your fridge.  We also put your name up on our Pledge Wall.  The goal is to promote positive PLAY for all ages.  Take the pledge!


I hereby pledge to embrace the JOY of PLAY with every opportunity I can create. I will play Shadow-Tag when the sun is shining, and play ball when it is not (even if it is with a ball of socks)!. I will dance even when someone is watching (and especially when they are not!), I will move with vigor every day and learn to have FUN again. I accept the challenge to be silly, to let loose, to roll on the floor laughing while I crunch or push my way to better health.

I will share this JOY with others by inviting them to play too! I will do my best to promote and/or to provide opportunities for play in my community, in my neighborhood, and in my home. I understand that PLAY is essential for youth and adults alike, and that through PLAY I will enhance the quality, vitality, and enjoyment of my life and of those around me. I hereby give myself permission to laugh with enthusiasm, to move with vigor, and to PLAY with JOY!

OPPORTUNITIES to promote/provide PLAY in your home, neighborhood, and community:

At home: sign up for our Family’s at PLAY newsletter for bi-monthly family game and activity ideas and fitness challenges; subscribe to our Online Mag – – for really cool kidz of ALL ages! PHAT = Physical Health & Activity Trends for Kidz. Every week explore new games and fitness challenges while checking out current trends in everything active – from extreme sports to opportunities in your community!

In your neighborhood: Fluffilo Fridays, Wocky Sox Saturdays, Ultimate Sundays – organize PLAY days in your neighborhood. Get a bag of Fluffilos to take to the park or have everyone bring a couple pairs of socks with them (one long, one short) and play some Wocky-Sox activities. Grab a Frisbee and play Ultimate on Sundays… the options are limited only by your own imagination!

In your community: Volunteer to be a PLAY Leader at school or after school, promote a Wocky Sox campaign at your school or church, or take it a step further and become a CampPlay Leader! Take the message of Tandalay’s MILLION-DOLLAR Give-Away to your school or church and provide THOUSANDS of movement opportunities!!


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